A family owned company where the customer is part of the team.

Multian Saha has been producing the best possible sawn timber from high quality logs in Central Finland since 1952. Today, thanks to decades of hard work and investment, we have built a reputation as a reliable partner with a production capacity of 50,000m3 per year.

Central location

Our location in an area of abundant forests in Central Finland is no coincidence. The core idea of our founder, Paavo Nuoranne, was to build a sawmill where the best raw material is located. To this day, our spruce logs come mainly from the surrounding area, within a radius of just 70 kilometres from Multia.

From our central location, there are good transport connections to both export ports and domestic customers throughout Finland.

Technology and our professional team.

Our production line uses the latest technology, looked after by our professional and highly trained staff. This ensures the quality of our end products is as needed and that deliveries are on time.

Special dimensions, lengths, qualities and kilning are all possible depending on customers’ individual requirements. Special kiln drying can be done down to 10% moisture content.

Our customers

Our customers mainly use our sawn timber to produce high quality interior design products like panelling, flooring, windows and doors.

Most of our sawn timber is exported to more than 20 countries worldwide.


Vision for the future

Our vision for the future is to be even more service minded and customer oriented and continuing to be a trusted partner that does not rest on their laurels but is constantly evolving and improving. We want to keep our coveted position as a quality leader in Finnish spruce. Our aim is long term customer relationships that are based on mutual trust and co-operation.