The forest is Finland’s most important natural resource that grows from one generation to the next.

Forests play an important role in the well-being of our plant. When one large tree is felled, it has stored the same amount of CO2 as one car emits in driving 10,000 kilometres. And when that tree is converted into sawn timber, the carbon is locked into the final product for the whole of its life, which could be hundreds of years.

We at Multian Saha have respected every tree we have used over the last 70 years. We always select the correct log to give the right end product for the customer’s needs.

All the sawmill by-products such as bark, sawdust and chips are efficiently used in heat production. Our heating plant is used for drying our timber and 40% of the heat goes to the Multian community.

We only use Finnish wood

Multian Saha Oy has a PEFC certificate issued by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy and more than 95% of our raw materials are PEFC-certified logs. The certificate certifies that the chain of origin of the wood meets the requirements of the standards PEFC ST 2002: 2013 and PEFC ST 2001: 2008 v2. The certificate is valid until 13.11.2024

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ISPM 15 / FI-KTTK-16122