Efficiency protects nature

We utilise 100% of the logs that come to our site.


With our modern HewSaw line, we produce fine sawn goods straight from the log. Our sawn dimensions start at 19×100 mm going up to a maximum of 63×150 mm, we can produce very precise special dimensions within that size range. Our grades start from Unsorted down to Sixth Domestic grade.

Our production line is operated by 3 professionals and is computer controlled from de-barking through to sticking the goods ready for kilning. This high level of automation gives us the flexibility to produce small batches of special items for customers.


Chamber kilns enable us to dry small volumes to special moisture contents.

The kilns are computer controlled for extra reliability and the goods coming from the sticking plant have 13 rows of laths to ensure the timber doesn’t distort during the kilning process.


After drying, the goods are sorted and packaged to order

It’s possible to produce special lengths and use custom end marking at the end trimming stage. Our drying, sorting and packaging processes are carried out as close as possible to the delivery time to ensure the goods leave our site in the best possible condition.

The final packages can be covered with paper or plastic hoods if required to give the best possible protection during transit. Finished goods are stored in our weather-proof storage facility prior to delivery.

Our expert staff check the goods prior to delivery to ensure everything is as it should be.