We don’t have far to go…

Our customers recognise that the best quality Nordic spruce grows at a latitude of 62º North. At this latitude, spruce trees grow at an optimal pace, making the structure of the wood excellent for sawing and planing. Multian Saha is located exactly at 62º North…


Every tree is unique. When our logs arrive, they are measured and sorted with our efficient computer-controlled system before being converted into the high quality sawn timber our customers need.


Our central location and well organised operation enable goods to be delivered from the mill soon after they are ready which means the quality and condition of the wood is maintained until it arrives at the customer.

Our covered storage facilities ensure that the goods are always stored in dry conditions until they are ready for delivery.


The sawmill’s operations are in accordance with the standard PEFC ST 2002: 2013 v2 in the procurement of raw materials.

The company’s management and board are committed to the standard and the operations it requires. The license registration number is PEFC / 02-31-81.