Multian Saha Oy

Respecting Our Green Gold through professional processing.

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The quality of
’s products is known around the world.

Producing goods to the standard our customers need has been the main aim of Multian Saha since 1952. Over the past seventy years our knowledge and experience in utilising nature’s green gold has developed to give the high quality end products we produce today and into the future.


We don’t have far to go…

Our customers recognise that the best quality Nordic spruce grows at a latitude of 62º North. At this latitude, spruce trees grow at an optimal pace, making the structure of the wood excellent for sawing and planing. Multian Saha is located exactly at 62º North…


The forest is Finland’s most important natural resource that grows from one generation to the next.

For the last 70 years, we at Multian Saha have carefully utilised every tree we have processed, ensuring we select the correct logs to produce the sawn timber our customers need.