The Hew-Saw line is capable of producing various profiles with fine-sawn surface straight from the log.

The special dimensions are produced exactly as agreed. The three-men-operated line is computer contolled from the debarking of logs to the lathing of the final sawn goods.
Automation and few work stages give the flexibility to produce even smaller quantities to according to customers' requirements.


Bundles arriving from the Hew-Saw line can be lathed with thirteen strips per layer. Hence the sawn goods stay straight during kilning and high quality is guaranteed.

Chamber kilns can be used to kiln even small quantities exactly as required.

Grading and end-cutting

After kilning the goods are quality graded and packed according to agreed specifications. Special lengths and stamps can be done in the end-cutting phase. Storage times are minimized, handling time at the mill is reduced to the minimum and kilning is timed to the last days before delivery.  All wishes of the client are realized thanks to continuous training of our personnel.

If required, the packages can be protected with paper on top or 5-side plastic cover in order to guarantee the right moisture.