Raw material

Multian is situated in the middle of the best growth area of Finnish Spruce, the raw material of our sawn timber.

According to our customers the best quality Nordic spruce grows on the latitude of 62o N. Right latitude ensures that the trees grow with an optimal pace and hence get the best possible structure for our customers’ needs. Multian lies exactly the on the 62o N and uses only raw material from the nearby forests. 

Short transport distances and efficient transportation methods ensure that raw material doesn’t need to be stored for long periods and the high quality of the wood is maintained all the way to the customer.

Raw material arriving at the mill is received, measured and graded with an efficient computer controlled log sorter.

All sawn timber produced by Multian is processed and stored on dry land, from forest to delivery. Neither water transport nor ponding are used as they reduce quality.

Procurement operations are based on the standard of PEFC ST 2002:2013 v2. The leadership and the Board of Directors of the sawmill are obligated to adhere to the standard. The register number of the certificate is PEFC/02-31-81.