Multian is a family-owned company founded in 1952, specializing in high quality custom sawn timber products.

Our main focus is to produce sawn timber according to customers’ needs with best-in-class quality. Our raw material, Finnish spruce, comes only from the forests in central Finland. Multian has decades of export experience and the production capacity in excess of 50 000 m3 guarantees that deliveries are made as agreed.

The sawmill is situated in central Finland, in the middle of the growth are of the best quality Finnish spruce. The high quality raw material enables Multian to produce sawn timber which meets even for the most demanding customer needs. Our environmental responsibility throughout the whole supply chain has been PEFC certified.

Multian uses up to date production technology to ensure excellent quality. We work closely with our customers and pursue to fulfill any wishes customers might have regarding special dimensions, lengths and kilning. The foundation of our production is our skilled employee base, which has been trained to meet customer wishes.

Most of our production is exported to Europe. Our customers process our sawn timber into indoor furnishing products such as panels, lists, doors and windows. We cover dimensions from 19*100 mm to 63*150 mm, lengths from three to six meters and quality gradings between U/S and VI DOM. All customer wishes within these limits can be implemented.

Multian visions to be even more customer need oriented. Long-term relationships and deep trust both ways are the cornerstones of our co-operation with our clients. Naturally we also aim to preserve our position as the market leader in quality.